Thieves Essential Oil

Thieves Essential Oil –  “King's Immunity”.

The story behind the discovery of Thieves essential oils is an exciting one. It tells the story of four thieves in Europe at a time when the world was under a heavy attack from the mysterious and fatal disease known as the plague. Due to harsh economic hard times, the four thieves devised a way through which they could rob the sick and avoid contracting the deadly diseases. Through combining ingredients from cloves, aromatic herbs, cloves and spices, they came into contact with the victims, robbed them and never contracted the plague. While under threat of death for the crimes they had committed, they disclosed their tricks and this discovery changed the world. The blend has undergone research with positive results, and now the thieves oil is called a wonder product, from supporting immune system to promotion of good health, the thieves essential oil is one of mankind’s best discoveries. Here are seven uses of the essential oils.

1. Supporting the immune system
When taken regularly either as a capsule or as a drop in your food, thieves’ oil is known to boost the immune system. It facilitates the production and function of the immune system. Taking it daily will not only keep you away from infections but will keep your body fit.

2. Hand sanitizer
With germs all over, you need a hand sanitizer that will yield the best results in getting rid of germs. Thieves’ essential oil, when added to homemade foaming soap, is a great product for cleaning your hands, it leaves them germs free and soft.

3. Has a great taste when used in homemade toothpaste
Thieves’ essential oil is an perfect ingredient in homemade tooth paste, its nice taste leaves your mouth with fresher breath. It will help in killing the bacteria in your mouth and at the same time leave your mouth feeling fresh.

4. Dishwasher cleaner
Use a few drops of the essential oil in your washer and you will have sanitized it for further cleaning. You will have achieved optimum hygienic levels without harming the environment, you will be contributing to a green environment, or what they call green cleaning.

5. Refreshing the room
The essential oil is a natural air cleaner, when you add a few drops of lemon or cinnamon, you will love the sweet smell in your room.

6. Making a homemade cleaner
Want to make a homemade cleaner that you can trust, thieves’ essential oils is a product which is natural and green. You do not have to use products made using ingredients which you are not sure of. Make a homemade cleaner using the essential oil, it is effective, green and cheaper.

7. Thieves essential oil and chocolate
Want a cinnamon flavor and an aromatherapy touch, add a few drops of oil to the chocolate and you will get a taste that is hard to resist.
Thieves’ essential oils is a great product both at home and in the office, it will promote your health, keep your environment clean and safe, freshen your body and surroundings and keep your mouth fresh, this is a magical product that should form part of your essential requirements every day.