Aromatherapy and Relaxation

Aromatherapy and Relaxation


Effective relaxation techniques can be enhanced with the use of aromatherapy. Using quality essential oils as a component of aromatherapy heightens the effectiveness, helping to reduce tension and relieve stress. This is especially important to achieve and maintain overall good health and well being as today’s busy and stress-filled life takes a toll, not only in our minds, but on our bodies as well.


Diffusing essential oils is one of the easiest aromatherapy methods to use to relax your body and soothe your mind while you use the relaxation techniques that work best for your situation. There are several types of diffusers that release the essence of the oil into the air benefiting all those nearby. For those who suffer with respiratory difficulties steam inhalation eases restricted air passages in addition to relaxing the body and mind. Additionally, adding oils to a warm bath or a warm compress are also effective methods of aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is not strictly limited to traditional inhalation methods. Aromatic lotions can be used during massage that effectively calms the mind, while relieving tension in tight muscles.


Numerous oils have been identified as useful in aromatherapy for their calming properties. Lavender is the most popular and for good reason. Proven to be effective in calming anxiety, lavender is also useful for reducing stress and relieving tension. Ylang-Ylang and bergamot are also essential oils that relax both mind and body. Warm chamomile tea has long been known to have a relaxing effect and the use of chamomile oil has the same powerful effect. Simple blends can also be used to further enhance any moment of relaxation.

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