HopeWind's proprietary 28 day Organic Infusion process, creates a unique powerful ingredient.  As used in our Wysdom Serum Formula we follow a detailed multi-step process that transfers nature's amazing healing nutrients, by way of infusion, directly from plant to oil. 

   The order of each ingredient added, the timing of each addition, using a combination of dried and fresh herbs depending on desired potency of each, the amount of exposure to light and temperature regulation, each play a crucial role in the finished ingredient.

   We macerate certified organic or wildcrafted whole botanicals in a certified organic carrier oil for 28 days, carefully controlling temperature and light, to optimize the process and extract the entire complexity of all nature's beneficial elements. Once the botanical elements have been transferred to the carrier oil, this unique, nourishing ingredient is carefully included in our Wysdom Serum Formula which your skin embraces and utilizes to support its natural renewal and replenishing power. The resulting ingredient cannot be found anywhere else and are exclusive to HopeWind, so our customers can enjoy their unique benefits.

HopeWind creates its own Unique Ingredients using our Proprietory Botanical Organic Infusion Process.   Potent. Unique. Active.


In ancient Egyption and Indigenous cultures, it was the Healers and wise Elders that would prepare important herbal remedies and ointments for consumption by members of their communities. These prominent individuals knew the celestial rhythms and it was they who discovered the most optimum times to sow seeds and to harvest, while remaining in line with the stars. Essentially, they wanted to deliver the best solutions to their people by creating a better quality of product in concert with nature's cycles and the processing of ingredients. HopeWind considers this Lunar Cycle Wisdom when sourcing/planting/harvesting our exceptional botanical ingredients maximizing the healing and beauty elements of our formulations. 

Did you know plants are often grown and harvested in accordance with the lunar cycles? When we’re harmoniously aligned with the moon and stars, the earth yields its most potent herbs and plants. Biodynamic agriculture and farming consist of a popular holistic skill set that works in harmony with the seasons and cycles of the planets. Herbs and plants are more nutrient-rich when these methods are applied vs using conventional practices, and biodynamics are increasingly becoming a consideration when mindful skincare companies wish to source the most potent ingredients that are applied to our skin.

HopeWind considers the Phyto Lunar Cycle wisdom when sourcing/planting/harvesting our botanical ingredients maximizing the healing and beauty elements of our formulations.  


  HopeWind Face Oil Serums are comprehensive moisturizers in their own right, designed and crafted to contain no water and therefore no unwanted additives or preservatives, like the many that are required in lotions and creams.

Water is used along with our serums, but only at the time of application. For optimum results, hands, face and décolleté should be wet with warm water at the time of application.

Apply serum to wet hands then Tap & Massage into wet face and décolleté. Water and serum combine and are readily absorbed into the skin to hydrate, nourish and protect. 


Applying serum with our Tap & Massage method is not only good for the health of your skin, but also has anti-aging benefits.

Tapping to distribute the desired amount of serum exactly where you need it, followed by a gentle massaging into the skin, promotes increased blood flow to the area delivering more oxygen to your face, which increases collagen production resulting in a more healthy, natural glow for the complexion.

Facial massage also helps to tone the skin, reduce puffiness and relax facial muscles, which relieves tension in the skin.

When muscles in your face are tense, wrinkles are quick to form, so relaxing the face is a key component in terms of anti-aging techniques.

  • Wet hands, face and décolleté with warm water
  • Apply 3-7 drops of serum, (or more as desired), onto fingertips of one hand, then share with fingertips of the other hand 
  • Gently tap fingertips all over face to ensure even distribution
  • Gently massage serum into face and décolleté
  • Apply daily, a.m. and p.m.