Your Truth. 
Your Beauty.

What is beauty? Is it objective or subjective? What if beauty has nothing to do with the extrinsic but everything to do with our inner experience - our thoughts, our actions and values? Are glamour and beauty one and the same? While the word beauty may initially evoke a landscape, a piece of music or art, or the faces of people you love, it is unique to each viewer. 

Many images and ideas in traditional media, popular culture, society, peers and social media, create a false ideal of beauty in our eyes. It seems designed to make people, often women, feel competitive. We tend to compare ourselves to those impossible ideals and use them as some sort of margin of measurement.  

Beauty does not exist because of perfection of the same qualities - but rather the uniqueness of each subject. Various cultures and eras have enjoyed different definitions and perceptions of beauty. Picture the aesthetic of Ancient Egyptians/the Victorian era/Italian Renaissance/the runways of high fashion/the hippie culture of the 1960's - all diverse expressions of beauty, but beauty none the less. And beauty is for everyone. When we design products, we don't think in terms of narrow demographics - for only a certain type, or specific customer - our products are made for ALL. The entire globe is filled with people of unique beauty regardless of gender, ethnicity, young adult or senior and HopeWind welcomes you. We are all beautiful and one of a kind with our own distinct, personal features. Let them shine and let's celebrate that!

What if we could define true beauty through a new lens? I think it's about starting to appreciate yourself as you would a beautiful piece of art or nature. Real beauty is the acceptance of yourself - perceived flaws and all - and the realization that they are a part of what makes you precious. It's the light within you and only you have the power to make it shine. It's a radiance of spirit, a generous kindness to yourself and to others. It's a strength of character and self confidence to know who you are and that you believe in yourself - and a belief that with or without makeup, true beauty is in you. Regardless of what's presented to us, genuine beauty is not a competition – it comes from within.

You are beauty and beauty is you. You are a masterpiece - a work of art. Cherish yourself! There is only one you, made up of all your genes and life experiences. And there will never be another. 


We use clean ingredients -  responsible, sustainable, certified organic, wildcrafted, and ethically farmed ingredients to create the most powerful, unique formulas. No animal ingredients are used in our products and we do not test any of our products or ingredients on animals.

Our products and creation processes are safe for people and the planet. We are focused on creating clean beauty and wellness products that work, eliminating unnecessary additives and using only the required potent botanical ingredients.

SUSTAINABILITY - Employment, Communities, Planet

Sustainable employment, communities, and harvesting only what is needed now without compromising the needs of the future are values that we work to include at Hopewind. We are fortunate to have suppliers/partners who have stated values - "Empowerment of communities and women is an important part of our ethics. We consider the most vulnerable populations, and achieve fair pay for work and mutual respect between our team, plant growers and collectors."

Giving back is part of what we do - we work to reduce waste and promote ethical production, green packaging, sustainable employment and fair wages. We’re conscious of our responsibility to better the future by taking care of the earth and each other, now.



Healthy for you and our planet. We believe there is a great opportunity to make product packing and shipping more friendly to Mother Nature.  Our choices are Low impact and Non-toxic to help us transition to a more earth-friendly lifestyle.  Our aim is to minimize our environmental impact and close the loop between what we take from the Earth and what we give back.

We are continually examining our environmental impact.  We consider our environmental footprint in all that we do.
Contact us to with your ideas or to tell us how we are doing.


We use 100% Recycled Kraft mailers and, Biodegradable mailers. Our 100% Kraft recycled paper mailers have a double-adhesive strip so they can be reused, and are printed with water-based inks - 100% home compostable, and recyclable. Our Biodegradeable mailers are made with 40 to 60% {by weight} renewable wood pulp starch. Our bags are tested with USA ASTM D-6868 and D-6400 standard which confirms that 100% of the wood pulp starch based portion will be dissolved in healthy compostables in approx 180 days with a residential composting environment facility. 

Recycled Product Paper Packing and Wrapping - NO plastic, or styrofoam Our recycled Kraft Honeycomb Paper is a green alternative to plastic packaging. It is a 100% Natural Product, made completely from recycled paper, organic, safe around babies, and curbside recyclable anywhere.

We use Earth Friendly Tamper Evident Bands to seal our bottles, ensuring the safety of our products to you during shipping. These Bands are made from extruded cellulose. That means the main ingredient in these bands is wood pulp sourced from renewable sources! The seals are bio-degradable and home compostable - plastic free, eco-friendly tamper evidence solution.

pure. less. organic.
We minimize and simplify our product packaging, labelling and shipping.  We consider the planet in all decisions that we make.