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  Welcome to HopeWind! I'm Karyn Sumner, the founder of HopeWind.  I am grateful you're here. I wear many hats including, mother, business owner, skincare formulator, certified aromatherapist, researcher, yoga teacher and lover of our Planet. My passion for clean beauty & wellness and love of the earth is born from my life's journey.
Sensitive skin taught me to use unscented products when I was young, but when a friend had a systemic reaction to Parabens – chemical preservatives that were in all of her personal care products - I read labels carefully and became more aware and shocked by the many toxins permitted in skincare and beauty products, even in luxury brands. I started using natural skincare but was never able to find anything that worked as well as I wanted or had the purity I hoped for.
I became a Certified Aromatherapist 15 years ago and falling in love with natural botanical oils, they became my only choice for skincare, which I shared with family & friends. 

A few years later, I lost 2 beautiful sisters to cancer and what we learned was the BRCA1 gene, which I also carry. It greatly increases the risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer – the 2 culprits that took them so soon. The knowledge of this gene mutation lead me to prophylactic surgeries to reduce my risk of cancer - opportunities I dearly wish my sisters had. It also galvanized my focus to create the most pure, natural products available. I'd made pure plant oil blends for both my sisters when they were well, but when cancer was diagnosed, I began to seek certified organic oils, free of harmful chemicals, for gentle massage and diffusion, using nutritious carrier oils and their favourite scents, (patchouli and grapefruit) for care and comfort. They loved the blends and massage right through their end of life care and with those oils, we shared some precious moments together. Aromatherapy planted a seed for my ongoing research and fascination with identifying clean, organic oils and botanicals that can enhance wellness and beauty. Unique treasures like Sacha Inchi, Borage and Sweet Fern, from our natural world remain wonders to me on my journey. I believe that health and beauty require balance and that nature's enduring harmony can lead us to our own balance.

At HopeWind, we've enjoyed success with this approach. We are a wonderful team of passionate experts in Biology, Medical Anthropology, Chemistry, Skincare Formulation, Aromatherapy and Herbology. We are a clean + sustainable, craft beauty brand. We create unique skincare and healing formulations by focusing on the ingredients - we use only Certified Organic, Wildcrafted and Ecologically Ethical ingredients that offer maximum efficacy. Integrity, people and planet are at the heart of the crafting of our products, and our business. We're thrilled you're here with us and hope you enjoy your journey with HopeWind.


We do what we love and love what we do. We continuously strive for excellence. We've set a high bar and work hard to go above and beyond it every day to offer our customers the pristine formulas they've come to expect and love. We work from a place of gratitude for the natural world and that which it offers us, for every incredible day we have to interact with it as we create, and for our amazing customers.


We have learned it's natural to feel good and that you deserve it. The products we offer care for people like you. Taking care of oneself is a daily practice - mind, body and soul. It means loving yourself, listening to what your body is telling you and tuning in to the rhythms of the natural world - in essence - to embrace all that you are and your oneness with nature. It means being present in the moment to lay a more healthful foundation for the future. These truths have been spoken in many cultures throughout time. They remain powerful and healing. They meet you wherever you're at and you can engage with them to foster your own self-empowerment.
 That's beautiful!


Magical, Mystical, Brilliant.

We fuse the wisdom of nature + scientific research to design unique effective formulas.  We use pure powerful plant ingredients, sustainably produced, to help conserve our planet. We select only Certified Organic, Wildcrafted and Ecologically Ethical ingredients that offer maximum efficacy, as performance is key.

We research worldwide to find the most potent ingredients which are carefully curated and precisely formulated to create products that nurture your skin, help you look good and feel good. We use nature's active ingredients and no additives, concentrating on the essentials. We design all our products with this focus and clarity. No harmful synthetics, unsafe petrochemicals, or toxins - ever - as safety is paramount. And we practice ingredient transparency as the knowledge of what you apply to your skin is crucial to your skincare regime. 

We have learned that less is naturally best, so we use only what we need from the earth and no more. We understand the value in sustainable production for our ingredients including fair, sustainable employment for the producers. To lessen our environmental footprint we reduce, reuse and simplify our packaging.