Effective Essential Oils for Meditation

Effective Essential Oils for Meditation.


Integrating essential oils into your meditation practice can have many benefits. Each oil has specific properties to enhance your meditation, so it can be beneficial to combine a few oils to help you achieve a deeper practice. Incorporate essential oils by using a few drops in a diffuser in your meditation room or using them topically diluted in a carrier oil. Here are the five best essential oils to include in your meditation practice:


  1. For a deeply grounding meditation, incorporate warm woodsy scented sandalwood oil. Sandalwood has long been revered for its deeply cleansing and grounding properties. Uplifting sandalwood is associated with the root chakra and promotes memory, concentration, and spirituality.


  2. Lavender is an exceptionally balancing oil. Incorporating this popular essential oil into your practice creates a relaxing environment, aids in improving mood and memory, and balances the emotions.


  3. Clary sage is an excellent choice for achieving clarity during your meditation practice. Use clary sage to sharpen the senses, dispel stress and negativity, and promote relaxation. When we are able to dispel negative emotions the body is able to fully relax and the breathing slows, promoting a deeper connection to our spirituality.


  4. To increase positive energy during a meditation incorporate Neroli essential oil into your practice. This sweet and spicy floral has a slight orange scent. It can counter mental fatigue and stress and relieve feelings of anxiety and depression. Neroli helps to achieve inner peace during meditation.


  5. The most spiritually transformative oil for meditation is frankincense. This soothing oil relaxes breathing and releases stress and anger to help clear out emotional blockages. Using frankincense helps to achieve spiritual enlightenment and enhances mental clarity.





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