Five Amazing Benefits Of Cedarwood Essential Oil

Five Amazing Benefits Of Cedarwood Essential Oil


The strong, fresh scent of cedar trees has inspired travellers and adventurers for untold centuries, but only in modern times did we come to understand that cedar has a host of physical and mental benefits as well. Cedarwood essential oil, which allows us to unlock the hidden goodness of cedars, has been shown to confer all of the following health advantages:


1. Cedarwood oil helps to combat eczema.

Cedarwood essential oil (which is derived from the cedrus atlantica genus of cedar) is excellent for treating skin conditions. Unlike the harsh steroid and coal tar creams used in conventional medicine, cedarwood oil does not damage the skin or contain harmful toxins. It does, however, work powerfully to fight the redness, itching, and cracking of the skin that’s associated with chronic eczema. Cedarwood oil can be added to your bathwater (this also provides the benefits of aromatherapy—more on those below), mixed into lotions or soaps, or applied directly to the skin.


2. Cedarwood essential oil promotes clarity of mind.

Cedarwood earned a place in the Bible for its ability to inspire wisdom. Blends of essential oils containing cedarwood relieve tension, clear the mind, and promote insight. Even the popular natural health expert Dr. Axe has warm praise for cedarwood oil, noting that it’s “Known to bring people together and improve personal outlook and self-esteem. This may seem strange, but the soothing power of cedarwood oil has the ability to change a person’s perspective,” says Dr. Axe. “Inhaling cedarwood oil, vaporizing it or adding it to a body spray can have long-lasting therapeutic effects,” he adds.


3. Cedarwood oil is an excellent topical antiseptic.

Apply cedarwood oil directly to cuts and burns to clean away bacteria, promote healing, and prevent infection. (Note that this works best when the cedarwood oil is combined with a base oil, like coconut oil, which helps to slow absorption and create a protective barrier over the wound.) Cedarwood oil can also be used to treat existing fungal infections.


4. Cedarwood oil reduces arthritis symptoms.

One of the most powerful benefits of cedarwood oil is its unique ability to bring relief to arthritis sufferers. Cedarwood essential oil, when inhaled or applied directly to the skin, calms inflammation in the joints and tissues, leading to a reduction in pain and stiffness. For an added boost, mix 5-10 drops of cedarwood oil in a warm bath—the hot water will magnify the relaxing effects of cedarwood oil.


5. Cedarwood oil is a potent anti-spasmodic.

What do restless leg syndrome, respiratory seizures, and asthma have in common? They’re all spasmodic conditions—and they can all be minimized through the inhalation of cedarwood essential oil. Reducing spasmodic attacks helps prevent damage to the respiratory system, muscles, intestines, heart and nerves.


Note that cedarwood essential oil should only be used as a topical agent or inhaled—it should never be consumed. Cedarwood oil is incredibly potent, so if it’s taken internally, it will cause nausea, vomiting, and discomfort. Stick to using cedarwood as an aromatherapy oil or skin balm to reap its many amazing rewards.




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